A very rich Chinese stage for the Italian Design Day in China 2018.

From Rome to Beijing passing through Belgrade and Tel Aviv to touch 100 large cities, destination of 100 State representatives: on March the 1st, the second edition of the IDD was opened, aiming to the goal of making Italian design and Italian architecture the heart of the strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs called “Vivere All’Italiana” to promote the Made in Italy production and cultural system in the world.

Italian Design Day in China: Design and Sustainability

IDD 2018’s main theme has been the relationship between design and sustainability. In fact, this is a fundamental combination in China more than elsewhere for architects and designers, thanks to the ability shown by the Italian School to keep alive the dialogue with the academic world and to combine the craftsmanship of high level to advanced technology.

Sustainability, beauty, quality and functionality

these are the keywords of the Italian Design Day presented to the public in Beijing (and around the world) as the Italian architects and designers’ excellence features. The theme anticipates the one of the 22nd edition of the Triennale di Milano scheduled for next year: “Broken Nature – Design Takes on Human Survival”.

Testimonial of the Beijing appointment of the Italian Design Day was the architect Massimo Roj, who held a Lectio magistralis for students and teachers at the CAFAM (Museum of Contemporary Art of the Academy of Fine Arts) on the role of the architect in society and therefore on the relationship between his work and art have in the daily life of man.

The same architect Roj joined a conference dedicated to the economic, ecological and social declinations of design together with the Deputy Director of Tsinghua University, Professor Yang Dongjiang, the Chinese architect Frank Chou and the Chief Representative in China of “Leonardo”, the leading Italian company in the aerospace engineering field, Angelo Cecchini. The meeting was moderated by Vittorio Sun Qun, Deputy Director of Beijing Design Week. Other IDD-themed exhibitions, including “Italian Design Icons”, dedicated to the most iconic products of Made in Italy of the last 70 years.

Italian Design Day in China: Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen

The appointment of the Italian Design Day 2018 for China did not stop on the 1st of March in Beijing. In the People’s Republic of China, the events were held simultaneously in Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Chengdu hosted other sessions of works and roundtables between Italian and Chinese architects and designers.

For all the participating Italian professionals, the IDD was an opportunity to put the work of Italians working abroad in the spot, because their work is pivotal to the country’s internationalization strategies: thanks to this daily work the equation between Italy and Design, as has been affirmed by Massimo Roj at the end of his speech, can continue to be stated.

The Italian Design Day is a teamwork project that involves the participation of diplomacy in collaboration with institutional actors (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cultural Heritage, as well as the ICE Agency) and also involves, in fact, the Triennale di Milano, but also the Salone del Mobile and associations such as Federlegno Arredo, the ADI Compasso d’Oro Foundation and the Altagamma Foundation.

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